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Mishimoto 89-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud w/ Controller

Mishimoto 89-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud w/ Controller

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Crawling up steep rock faces, muddy hills, or narrow trails can put a lot of stress on your 1989?2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L cooling system. The stock fan system on the 1989?2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L is an archaic design that?s powered by the vehicle?s engine. It adds a lot of weight and drag to the engine, sucking horsepower and torque just to get it moving. Once it does start moving, the amount of air it moves is dependent on the engine speed. If the engine isn?t turning fast, neither is the fan, and there?s no air moving through your radiator. That?s why Mishimoto is excited to announce our 1989?2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud. This fan shroud incorporates three Mishimoto high-flow 10? electric slim fans. Each of these fans moves a constant 950 CFM regardless of engine speed. One fan replaces the stock A/C fan, while the other two fans are free to cool the radiator. The included A/C fan jumper harness ensures proper A/C function with 1997-2001 models. The lightweight aluminum fan shroud also covers more of the radiator than the stock fan shroud, meaning your entire radiator can benefit from the increase airflow. In our testing, we found that the Mishimoto XJ Fan shroud moved air 41.9% better than the stock fan shroud at idle and 22% better than the stock fans at 2,500 RPM. Our electric fan shroud also eliminates the heavy mechanical fan, reducing drag on the engine and freeing up horsepower and torque for your trail climbing enjoyment. The Mishimoto fans can be activated manually with a switch (sold separately) or by our available adjustable fan controller. The Mishimoto fan controller mounts conveniently on the Mishimoto fan shroud and can be set to activate the fans at any temperature from 150 F to 240 F. The kit includes everything you need for installation, including a wiring harness and a push-in radiator probe temperature sensor and in-line NPT temperature sensor. The Mishimoto 1989?2001 Jeep Ch

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1987-1993 Jeep Cherokee Base
1991-1992 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood
1987-1988 Jeep Cherokee Chief
1996,1998-2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic
1993-1997 Jeep Cherokee Country
1987-1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
1987-1992,1998-2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited
1987-1990 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer
1994-2001 Jeep Cherokee SE
1989-2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport
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